TAXI MADRID is a mobile public art intervention by artists Anne Lorenz & Rebekka Reich addressing issues of perception and the logic of memory. Equipped with installations, 12 taxis will operate in Madrid throughout the duration of Madrid Abierto, transporting their passengers into someone else´s mind and memories of Madrid, those of an ex-patriot.

By interviewing former inhabitants of Madrid, who now live spread all over the world, artists Anne Lorenz and Rebekka Reich seek to find intriguing personal memories related to the city. From this material they devised sound-collages to become part of more complex installations, consisting of objects and other memorabilia, fitted into the taxis.

Regular taxi-users are caught off guard in the confined space of a car, abducted for a short amount of time from their everyday business. The artists seek to surprise and entertain the passenger by confronting him or her with an insight into the memory of a stranger, provoking a memory lapse. Due to the geographical distance of the interviewees an overlay of two pictures occurs: The out of date view of the ex-patriot merges with the current situation on site, and the meeting of the two lives on in the memory of the passenger.

To experience TAXI MADRID call Teletaxi: 91 371 21 31 / 902 501 130 and ask for a taxi from MADRID ABIERTO. Conditions are the same as usual.


Sound editing, recordings _ Javier Gonzalez Cruz ‘Supergato´

Fotos, grafic design _ Cynthia Gonzalez

Actress _ Mar Corzo Sanchez

Interviews _ Ana Paredes, Bárbara Sela, Dagmar Milán Stradtmann, Emily

Zhukov, Marta Ruiz de la Prada, Yolanda Luna

Taxi drivers _ Maria Cancho, Manuel Infante, Antonio Martinez, Juan

Francisco Salas Noves, Jesús Luis Martin, Angel Luis Martinez, Jose

Maria Hernandez Carmona, Oscar Sanchez Vazquez, Jesús Garcia Hernandez,

Luis Saiz Garcia, Antonio Villaverde Cordero, Enrique Gomez-Hernandez,

Francisco Jose Fernandez Sanchez, Rafael Mateo Gonzalez 


Julio Sanz, Karin Bucher, Barnaby Drabble, Johannes Finkelstein, Javier 

Lozano, Mariela Sofia Bontempi