With the collaboration of: Dull Janiell, film editor / Laura Orizaola, photographer

In this proposed project, Henry Eric Hernández safeguards one of the fundamental premises of the poetic art of his work regarding creating art interventions in places that he has named as cultural ghettos: individual or group stages (spaces) built on a determined ideology, at a particular time and later transformed until they are forgotten or are overtaken by cultural decadence... to be understood as ideological, economical and social.

Zona Vigilada reconsiders the counterpoint between two specific cultural spaces with the relentless view as a controlling event in our acts, be they private or public. The first chosen stage is the Museo de las Esculturas…; the second is a documentary filmed for this project in Cuba. It questions vigilance (through personal testimonies, archived images and images taken with cameras in this place) as a means of support and persuasion for maintaining power. Hence, in the first stage chosen, we see his interest in recontextualizing this strategy of survival of status as a “museum piece”.

This piece of work involves placing two video cameras with different angle movements, which will be handled by three different photographers who will constantly move it around the areas of the museum and record some situations (B/W), previously edited, transmited on one side of the screen, thus reconstructing the place´s environment. Simultaneously, at fixed times, the documentary filmed in La Havana will be screened on the other side of the screen, thus showing the time counterpoint between both security (vigilance) systems.

The project also includes the design and publishing of a poster that will be distributed throughout the city with the following text: El Museo de las Esculturas al Aire Libre/presents /ZONA VIGILADA/a film by henry eric.


Museo de escultura al aire libre, Pº de la Castellana, Eduardo Dato.

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