2009-2010:Discussion Panels

Extractos de las jornadas Urban Buddy Scheme

Presentations by Pablo Valbuena, Iñaki Larrimbe y Lisa Cheung. Chaired by STEALTH.

La Casa Encendida, 19:00-19:45 horas


Pablo Valbuena. Architect graduated at the ETSAM, he has been linked to the tangent spheres of art and architecture, developing spatial concepts applied to virtual environments, videogames, cinema and digital architecture. He currently develops art projects related to space, time and perception.

Iñaki Larrimbe. cultural activist. In the field of comic strips he co-founded and co-directs the magazine TMEO. He recently coordinated the device Inmersiones focused on artistic practices emerging from the Basque Country. As an artist his most recent works aim to belong to a "do it yourself" culture situated within the mechanisms of cultural industries.

Lisa Cheung. Está interesada en el espacio público y la creación de entornos sociales —donde puede propiciarse el intercambio— así como en las estructuras temporales que configuran el paisaje urbano. En sus proyectos recientes ha utilizado el cultivo de plantas y la jardinería como generador de interacción y participación.

STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic / Marc Neelen). Their practice spans urban research, spatial intervention and cultural activism. STEALTH considers space a tool and agency. Projects like Wild City (Belgrade) or Urban Catalyst (Amsterdam) involve diverse models of collaborative practicing and co-creation. Co-initiators of Lost Highway Expedition (Western Balkans) and co-curators of the Dutch pavilion, Venice (2008).