2008:Discussion Panels

Vít Havránek

La Casa Encendida. Ronda de Valencia n º2, Madrid.20:00-21:00


Guillaume Désagnes. Is curator, art-critic and co-founder of Work Method, an agency based in Paris dedicated to the production of artistic projects. As member of the Trouble publishing committee, he regularly collaborates with the magazines Exit Express and Exit Book (Madrid). From 2001 to 2007 he co-ordinated the artistic projects of Laboratoires d’aubervilliers. In 2007-2008 he is an invited curator at Centre d’art Contemporain La Tôlerie. He is a lecturer at Êcole des beaux-arts de Clermont-ferrand.

Vít Havránek. Is a theorist and a producer established in Prague. Since 2002 he works as Project Manager for the contemporary art initiative tranzit /www.tranzit.org/ sponsored by the Erste Bank Group. He has worked as curator in Prague’s Municipal Gallery and National Gallery. He is a lecturer at the Prague College of Applied Arts. He has written articles for several magazines, such as, among others, Springerin, Artist and Flash Art.

Introduced by Guillaume Désanges