2008:Discussion Panels

Presentation of Madrid Abierto video projects

La Casa Encendida. Ronda de Valencia n º2, Madrid.17:00 a 18:15


Fernando Llanos.

LaHostiaFineArts (LHFA).  

María Inés Rodríguez. Is an exhibitions curator. She has organised exhibitions and research projects on the public space appropriation strategies in different contemporary art spaces which relate art, design, architecture and urban-planning. In 2004, she created Tropical paper editions to develop the editorial projects of artists. In 2007, she developed the projects Habitat/Variations, BAC Geneva and La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Bermuda Triangle, Êcole de Beaux Arts of Paris.


Santiago Cirugeda. Architect. Carries out subversive art project in different areas of the urban environment. He is currently working on self-construction projects in various Spanish cities, in which groups of citizens decide to create their own urban public spaces.

Todo por la praxis.

Chaired by Maria Inés Rodríguez y Democracia.