2008:Discussion Panels

Sin título genérico

Presentation of Madrid Abierto projects

La Casa Encendida. Ronda de Valencia n º2, Madrid. 17:00-18:15


Andreas Templin.

Fernando Prats.

Guillaume Ségur.


Alicia Framis + Michael Lin.

Cecilia Andersson. CECILIA ANDERSSON is curator and director of Werk Ltd., a curatorial agency established in Stockholm. Werk collaborates internationally in the organisation, production, promotion and publication of contemporary art. Her recent projects include SuperSocial, social events set up in different cities; On Cities, an exhibition organised in Stockholm’s Museum of architecture and an itinerant programme of Chinese video. 

Hell is coming/World ends today, Andreas Templin
Not for sale/No se vende, Alicia Framis
Welcome on board, Guillaume Ségur
Gran Sur, Fernando Prats
Chaired by: Cecilia Andersson, Democracia