January 12th to February 19th.  El Taller, Matadero Madrid.

Within its ten years of existence, along six editions, the international program Madrid Abierto has produced 65 artistic interventions, which respond to diverse formats and tactics of actions -whether practical or symbolic- and which attempt to experiment new forms of critical dialogue with the political, social and cultural environment in where they have been developed.

In its different editions, specific sections on audiovisual and sound-works, discussions panels, presentations and workshops have been made as well.

All the documentation materials generated therein compose the Madrid Abierto's archive established in Matadero during 2011, which will be made accessible from January 12th to February 19th within the framework of the exhibition at El Taller, including the artworks by, amongst others, Santiago Sierra, Dan Perjovschi, Laurence Bonvin, Simon Greenan + Christopher Sperandio, Wolfgang Weileder and Raimond Chaves.

From January 12th to February 19th it will also take place at El Taller, in Matadero, presentations and discussions with Fernando Llanos, Iñaki Larrimbe, Democracia, Susanne Bosch, Raquel Pelta and Aitor Méndez.