Presentation of Turismo Raro

Next Tuesday 4th of October at 8 pm we present Turismo Raro a book produced by Madrid Abierto and created by the Unofficial Tourism organization for the Useful Art exhibition for Off Limits (

Within MADRID ABIERTO's guidelines and under Unofficial Tourism's supervision - a project by artist Iñaki Larrimbe - different cultural agents created a series of unofficial tourist maps in 2009 and 2010 that were distributed thanks to an altered caravan that functioned as an alternative tourism office. Not long after, and as a result of work dynamics between those collaborating agents, they created a group to keep investigating, working on those same issues that Unofficial Tourism was discussing. Thus the Turismo Raro project is born as well as the Unofficial Tourism organization, made up of Guillermo de la Madrid, Mauro Entrialgo, Adriana Herreros, Iñaki Larrimbe, Ana Nieto, Santi Ochoa, Jimina Sabadú, Todo por la praxis, John Tones and Macu Vicente.