On the 12th of November starts the interventions of the 6th edition of Madrid Abierto with the project Hucha de deseos: ¡Todos somos un barrio, movilízate! ofSusanne Bosch.

This art project serves as a model to empower people. It offers a creative platform that allows people to work together, to develop a collaborative spirit and inclusion. The art project combines an aesthetic appearance with a meaningful public debate.

Every banknote carries a trade value, but also a potential future value (saving for the next holidays, for the desired car...). Everyone carries an unused potential, an idea in mind, an observation, an untold story or observation, unused old coins in a drawer at home. This public art project seeks to collect as many of these little individual potentials as possible. The art project brings them together to transform them into projects and outcomes in the real world.

More than 136 millions of Peseta coins and 159 millions of Peseta banknotes remain in peoples private property. More than 1.776 million of Euros in Pesetas! Hucha de deseos: ¡Todos somos un barrio, movilízate! will collect the Peseta coins and banknotes in Plaza Puerta de Moros (square Carrera de San Francisco), La Latina neighborhood from the next 12th of November until the 20th of February of 2010.

Along with the peseta collection, the project asks everybody that makes a contribution what idea or wish they would like to realize with this public and worthless money in and for La Latina (follow the collection of ideas via

On the 20th February 2010, everyone is invited to publicly sort the coins and banknotes before the transport on 22nd February 2010 to the Banco de España where they will be changed into Euros.

On the 27th February everybody who would like to be part of the decision making group, is invited to attend an Open Space event at Círculo de Bellas Artes. This one day event will be used to decide collectively what will happen with the pesetas and how this will be put into action.

The project is realized in collaboration with Zoohaus (, a team of architects that designed and produced the collectionsite.

You are warmly invited to the opening of the project next Thursady, 12th November 2009, at 19.30 p.m.

For more information or send an e-mail to