Courses of action and Madrid Abierto's next call

After evaluating the 2009-2010 edition of Madrid Abierto, and with the financing agreement of our main sponsors (Madrid City Council and Madrid Regional Authority) we are developing the following courses of action:

1. To revise the entire set of documents related to the six previous editions, while organizing the Madrid Abierto archive, which in the following months will be available for public consultation in Matadero Madrid, thanks to an agreement reached with this institution.

2. Preparation of a programme of pedagogical workshops, which will begin in January of 2011, based on the positive experience of the pilot project designed for Madrid Abierto's last edition.

3. Design and production of a document based exhibition of Madrid Abierto's complete history.

In June of 2011 we will consider the technical and economic conditions in order to launch the 7th call of Madrid Abierto.