Lisa Cheung

Huert-o-Bus is a travelling greenhouse, inviting local residents in Madrid to grow fresh vegetables and plants within the city centre. Huert-o-bus makes use of existing urban public spaces for communal gardens and local food growing.


Like a public city bus, Huert-o-bus will stop in different neighbourhoods and districts in designated plazas, carrying its 'passengers' of seeds and seedlings. Each site will be marked by a 'bus stop' that informs neighbours/visitors of the Huert-o-Bus schedule and its activities.

Huert-o-Bus will be equipped with required facilities in order to act as a greenhouse as well as a centre of activities. It will house a small library, gardening tools, seating and a kitchen. Neighbours are invited to use the greenhouse to cultivate seeds for their own gardens as well as for sharing plants, food and ideas.


Huert-o-Bus draws on the traditions of allotments in the UK and other European countries. Allotments were a necessity during the war years with food shortages and have recently enjoyed a resurgence due to the greater importance placed on organic and local food production coupled with rising food prices.

Often times unwanted unusual spaces in urban centres were utilized for growing food because of their easy accessibility and availability; thus transforming "unused" land into communal spaces. Furthermore the allotment garden is often characterised by a strong community spirit, passionate individuals and a generous sharing of knowledge, work, and of course food!


Moday: closed

Tuesday: Plaza de la Pilarica, Usera.

Wednesday: Plaza Soledad Torres Acosta (Cinema Luna). CANCEL

Thursday: Plaza de Agustín Lara, Lavapiés (in front of Escuelas Pías).

Friday: Plaza de la Remonta, Tetuán.

Saturday and Sunday: Jardines del Descubrimiento (Plaza de Colón)

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