Blend Out

Lorma Marti

Our project aims to highlight the erosion and occupation of public space, something happening both at a private level (mostly tolerated illegal construction) and at an institutional level (mostly imposed and invasive measures).

For Madrid Abierto we propose to install a series of “construction sites” consisting of full-size scaffolding or safety-fences wrapped in the usual fabrics, plastics and dustsheets.

Situated in the center of Madrid and along its busiest boulevards, in the midst of representative historical ensembles and public green, the installations would remove sections of public space from the public, making them inaccessible or invisible.

The enclosures would hint at something happening from which we are excluded, they could apply to open spaces, public green or existing buildings. They would modify our perception of the context they are inserted into, and our use of it. They would create temporary heterotopias, islands out of bounds, places that could only be regained through transgression. Over the duration of the installation, they would gather that urban driftwood of information: posters, ads, notices, wrappers and flyers - and become an interface, a record or laminate of all other possible cities and spaces.


Pº del Prado, central boulevard between Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo and Plaza Platería Martínez

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