Zurine Gerenaberria

With an interest in music and painting, Zuriñe chose the latter for her academic studies. She studied composition with C. Bernaola in the Music Conservatory Jesús Guridi (Vitoria-Gasteiz), which proved to be a determining encounter, and she was subsequently awarded a grant to further her studies with F. Donatoni in Milan’s Scuola Civica where she made contact with the composers of the Italian contemporary school. She attended the seminars of Darmstadt, IRCAM , LIEM, ARTIUM, iMAL...

Orchestrator of various films, she composes for advertising, theatre, animation, etc. She is the author of the book-cover Presencias y Ausencias by Marisa Manchado (published by Endymion) and, in turn, producer of the videos Xera y Sortze, framed within the “1st Digital Art Competition of Sta. Mª de Guía” (Santa María de Guía, Gran Canaria).

She continued her composer trajectory developing new creation aspects based on generation and manipulation using electronic devices and mixed techniques, producing works of different formats, such as, musical theatre, sonorous performances and installations, in works like: Luz, The Hanged man, Astiro-Astiro, Esan Amandrie, Oihuka, Xurrumurruak, BihotzBi, HiruHotz, Zehiar, Azalpean, the musical action-workshop for children (puppets, music and electroacoustics) Ozendu and multidiciplinary shows like Hutsune Irudigarri, En busca del silencio, A contra luz (saxo, dance, sensors and electronics live) and the contemporary dance performance Cuatro por Cuatro with the company Michelle Man and Friends.

She has been commissioned work by several institutions, for example,: INAEM (Ministry of Culture), CDMC, Basque Government, Quincena Musical, Federación Coral de Álava, The Symphonic Orchestra of Euskadi.

Her catalogue includes work of different instrumental formations framed within national and international festivals, like:

Musikaste, Jornadas Música Electroacústica, Música del Siglo XX, Vitoria Territorio Visual (Vitoria-Gasteiz), National Auditorium, Concerts in the Reina Sofia Museum M.N.C.A.R.S., Jornadas de Informática y Electrónica Musical, Perspectivas 96 (Madrid), Concert Season, Symphonic Orchestra of Euskadi , Muestra Internacional de Música de Mujeres (Autor Foundation), Music of the 20th Century (Bilbao), Inauguration Concert for the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao 1997).

ENSEMS Festival, Quincena Musical, Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada, Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell’Europa, Spanish Academy (Rome), Shyntèse Festival (France), Sibelius Academy (Finland), Groggia Theatre (Venice), Festival Músicas del Quinto Pino (Leioa), XX Edición Festival Madrid en Danza, Juan March Foundation, University of Milan, Kleiner Konzertsaal (Munich), Poland, Hungary, Dublin, London, Ljubljana...

Her recorded work can be found in various collective records.

She currently combines her creation work with teaching counterpoint and harmony at the Centro Superior de Música of the Basque Country (MUSIKENE).