Miguel Gil


  • Proven research experience Universidad Autónoma, Madrid
  • Research work 'The notation of Flamenco singing (applications of contemporary writing in its transcription)'
  • Doctorate courses. Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. Professors: E. Fubini. B. Lolo, E. Pujals, C. Colombatti, Martínez Veiga, A. Vicent, González Valle, García Llovera, Linaza Iglesias
  • Ministry of Education and Culture. Bachelor's degree in Harmony, Counterpoint and Instrumentation.
  • Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). 'Influence of Technology on Composition'. Professor: Luca Francesconi
  • Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). 'Introduction to the Computer Tools of the CDMC'. Professor: Adolfo Núñez
  • Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). 'Musical Developments in Signal Analysis, Synthesis and Processing'. Professor: Emiliano del Cerro
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam 'Electroacoustics music workshop'. Professor: Joss Zwaanenburg
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Post-graduate studies (two-year programme) on the following areas with maximum grade: Composition (Theo Loevendie and Daan Manneke)
  • Theory of Classical Music of South India (Rafael Reina)
  • International Contemporary Music Festival of Alicante. 'Composition Course'. Professor: Tristan Murail
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam 'Composition Seminar'. Professor: James Wood
  • Graduate of composition with Summa Cum Laude. Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA)
  • Berklee College of Music 'Composition Seminar'. Professor: Henke Alkema
  • 1986 Universidad Complutense, Madrid). Biology studies (4 years)


  • Villa de Madrid music prize for the project 'De ida y vuelta'. City Council of Madrid
  • Research grant from the Regional Government of Andalusia
  • Grant for professional education abroad. Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Rome prize (full year). Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Honorary mention
  • Composition competition for wind ensemble. Berklee College of Music
  • Richard Levy Professional Writing Division Prize, Berklee College of Music
  • Education grant for studying abroad. AIE (Association of interpreters and performers)
  • Education grant Berklee College of Music
  • Education grant for studying abroad AIE (Association of interpreters and performers)


  • Mariano Marín/Meridional Theatre and others. Production and arrangements collaborations in the sound tracks of the theatre plays 'Cantando bajo las
  • balas' and 'Mentiras, incienso y mirra' and the feature film 'Mi amigo Jesús'
  • Cast/ David Lind. Voice arrangements and brass arrangements, respectively in both CDs
  • Juanjo Guillem. Next publication of the work 'Agua Transfigurada' in the CD 'Los Elementos'
  • DSR productions. Composition of the music for the short film 'Atado' winner of awards in Acerbajan, Ciudat del Valls and San Agustin de Guadalix.
  • 'De ida y vuelta' Poliamyda Records. Production, composition and interpretation of the CD 'Patricia' from the music project 'De ida y vuelta'. Villa de Madrid 2008 Prize.
  • Various musical productions for the theatre play 'Pequeños Crímenes Conyugales' and mixes for different sound tracks.
  • Laura Torrado Music for the documentary 'Otros hogares, otras realidades' and collaboration in the art videos 'Ronhaldinha' and 'Thriller'.
  • 'Signos de Aire' Poliamyda Records
  • Production, composition and interpretation of the CD 'Signos de aire'
  • Teatro Español. Production of the children's musical 'Romeo y Julieta'
  • Company 'Polyamida records'. Production and arrangements of the record 'Nitt' from the Senegalese group 'Dhiambutu'
  • Various Music for the DVD of the plastic artist Paul Carvajal and confection of the orchestral suite of the film 'Al Sur de Granada' (Music by Juan Bardem)
  • Production company 'El Deseo'. Directed by F. Sabroso & D. Ayuso. Production, supervision and arrangements of the sound track for the film 'Descongélate'
  • 'Avispa Records' orchestration of two themes of Medina Azahara's record 'Aixa' recorded by the Córdoba Orchestra
  • Merida Theatre Festival. Director Juan Margallo
  • Musical production for the theatre play 'La Paz' 
  • Oriental Dance Company Lenna Beauty. Original music of the show 'Mabruk'
  • Anthony Blake. Composition of sound track (together with Luis Ibars) of the show 'Espíritu'
  • Music for FITUR video, Japanese Siatsu School.
  • Various spatialisations for the short film 'Ciclo'; mix for the theatre play 'Vida sexual del español medio' of Las Veneno
  • PPPG Kesenian Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
  • Music for the theatre play 'Don Juan' (Moliere)
  • PPPG Kesenian Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
  • Music for the theatre play 'Doña Rosita' (García Lorca)
  • Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN) Production, music arrangements and orchestration for the theatre play 'La Visita de la Vieja Dama'
  • Alcalá de Henares Film Festival and Experimental Film Festival of Madrid
  • Music for the short film 'Animal' of Miguel Díez
  • Prizes in Alcalá and Experimental Film Festival and nomination for Goya award.
  • Fuepalbar Cia. Brussels (Belgium)
  • Music for the choreography 'Mismorigen'.
  • Teatro dei Documenti (Rome) Debut of the work 'Endimión y la Luna'
  • Academia de España in Roma. Debut of the work 'A legno'
  • Willibroad Co. (the Netherlands) CD recording of 'Re-verse' by José Vicente
  • Troupe Castiza, Alfil Theatre, Madrid
  • Composition of music for the theatre play 'Akabaret con Todas las Purgas' by Eduardo Fuentes
  • Instituto Cervantes. Leeds University (UK)
  • Debut of the work 'Agua Transfigurada' by Juanjo Guillem
  • Instituto Cervantes
  • UMIST, Manchester (UK)
  • Debut of 'Between Whistles and Flutes' by Juana and Juanjo Guillem
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid. Debut of 'Diario de un Seductor', 'Haiku' and 'Música para un aterrizaje Forzoso'.
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid. Music for the work 'Ante el Retiro' (T. Bernhard)
  • Directed by María Ruiz
  • Offenburg (Germany) Debut of the work 'Triste a su lado'
  • Teatro del Sur. Granada. Music for the theatre play 'El Ultimo Dios' (García Larrondo)
  • Madrid Autumn Festival. Music for the work 'Muelle Oeste' (Koltes). Directed by Carmen Portacelli.
  • Madrid Autumn Festival. Music for the work 'La Habitación Escondida' (E. Múgica)
  • Teatro Rosaura. Music for the work 'Retén' (E. Caballero)
  • Albéniz Theatre. Madrid. Music for the work 'El Filo de unos Ojos' (I. Martínez de Pisón)
  • Príncipe Theatre. Gran Vía, Madrid. Music for the work 'Gracias Abuela' (S. Junyent)
  • Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid. Music for the work 'Rinoceronte' (Ionesco).
  • The Cuban National Ballet, La Habana. Music for the choreography. 'Al Compás'. 50th anniversary of the company.
  • Dido Theatre Company. Music for the opera 'Dido y Aeneas'
  • University of Hong Kong. Debut of the work 'Cenit 1342'
  • Ysbreker (Amsterdam) Debut of the quintet 'B'
  • Elche Film Festival. Music for the short film 'El Nacimiento de un Imperio'. First prize
  • UNESCO. Paris. Spanish representative at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris with the work 'Endimión y la Luna'
  • French Institute Madrid. String Quartet for the choreography 'Compartir el tiempo' (Pablo Molero)
  • Bachzaal (Amsterdam) Debut of the work 'Decursos'
  • Aspen Music Festival (USA) Debut of the work 'Selves'
  • Bachzaal. (Amsterdam) Monographic Concert: Debut of the works 'Two Open
  • Piano Pieces', 'Sex Fluctuationis' and 'Divertimento'


  • Higher Music College of Oviedo. Acquires the post of professor specialised in audiovisual composition techniques.
  • Reina Sofía Art Centre National Museum. CDMC Conference on Midi audiovisual/orchestration preproduction.
  • Music College of El Escorial
  • Higher Music College of Atocha
  • Music College of Ronda


Cefore, Avila

  • Xunta de Galicia CEFORES A Coruña, Vigo, Ferrol, Pontevedra, Lugo, Santiago and Orense
  • University of Castilla la Mancha; Albacete and Ciudad Real
  • Music College of Getafe, Madrid
  • Training courses for teachers of music colleges and/or primary and secondary schools as well as students of music computing.
  • Polimúsica. Imparts the forums: 'DSP's for Native systems', 'Emulation of Acoustic Instruments with Samplers and MIDI Techniques', 'Logic 5, Novelties', 'Sibelius as composition tool'
  • HDM el submarino Conference:'Analysis of the score of Debussy's Pelleas et Melisande' 
  • PPPG Kesenian (Teacher training centre, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
  • Elaboration of curriculum for music studies in Indonesia.
  • Teacher training in the areas of modern harmony, music technology, improvisation and audiovisual music
  • Design for equipping the recording studios and libraries of these centres
  • CPR García Noblejas Madrid
  • Course teacher of 'Music Computing' for music college teachers.
  • Polimúsica Madrid. Course teacher of '20th Century Electroacoustics Music'. Centred on work using the programme Audiosculpt of IRCAM
  • 5th International seminar on the Donosita accordion. Course teacher of 'New Rhythmic Techniques'
  • Development of the techniques of South Indian classical music.
  • Estudio Tres Madrid. Imparts the course: 'Rhythm and Movement'
  • University of Extremadura. Imparts the course: 'Form in composition'. Applied to choreographic composition techniques
  • Association of Dance Professionals. Madrid. Imparts the course: 'Rhythm for Choreographers and Dancers'
  • University of Extremadura. Imparts the course. 'Advanced Rhythm and Movement Techniques'
  • Joaquín Turina Music College. Madrid
  • Teacher at the seminar: 'Analysis of Spanish Contemporary Music'
  • 3rd International Donosita Accordion Seminar. Imparts the course: '20th Century Music'
  • International Percussion Seminar of Altea. Presentation: 'Notation in 20th Century Music'