Mauricio Bejarano

Associate professor, Music Conservatory, National University of Colombia; researcher and creator of electro-acoustic music and sonorous art. Invited to creation studios and festivals in Berlin, 2001; Vienna, 1992; Brussels, 1996; Montreal, 1996-1997; Winnipeg, 2004; Colombia, since 1988; Madrid, 1994, 1996 and 2000; Paris, 1994, 1997, 1998 and 2001; Lyon, 1998; Bourges, 1993-1994; Arras, 1996; Crest, 1996; Perpignan, 2001; Amsterdam, 2000; Mexico, 1999, 2006; Montevideo, 1993; Stanford, 2001 and Denton, 1999, 2001. Studied electroacoustic composition in Groupe de Recherches Musicales, GRM, in Paris, with François Bayle, Francis Dhomont, Jean-Claude Risset and Daniel Teruggi; and in Bogota with Stèphane Roy, Michel Zbar and John Chowning.

He has received the following prizes, 4th International Competition for Acousmatic Music Composition, Noroit 95, France; 1st Toy Showroom, Bogota 1996; National Creation Grant in Sonorous Art, Ministry of Culture 1996 and National Composition Prize, Ministry of Culture, 2003.

He has realised various sonorous installations, namely, in the Modern Art Museum of Bogota (1996), National University Art Museum (2004, 2003, 2002, 1998), Planetario Distrital (1995), Gilberto Alzate Foundation (1996) and National Exhibition of Artists (2006, 2005, 2004, 1992). Work published in Chodes-Bogotá, Institute of Pataphysical studies of La Candelaria, Spain and Colombia (2006); Music in the nineties. Art in the Nineties collection. Book and CD, Faculty of Arts. National University. Bogota (2004); National Prizes for Music in Composition, 10th edition of National Prizes for Culture (2003). CD, Ministry of Culture. Bogota (2004).  “Mind the Gap no. 43”, GC 049. The Netherlands, Belgium (2003); Parr(A)cousmatique. CD, empreintes DIGITALes. IMED 0264. Montreal, Canada (2002); en el sitio... Conjuntos del Conservatorio Collection. CD. National University. Music Conservatory. Bogota (2002); Bogota, sonorous landscape. 12 postcards and 5 silences. CD. Goethe Institut, Administrative Department for the Environment and Murciélago, Sonorous Museum. Bogota (2000); 33 years of Columbian Electroacoustic music. 1965-1998. Columbian Electroacoustic Community. CD, E.C.O. 01. Bogota (1998); 4 – Prix International Noroit 1995 de composition musicale acousmatique. CD, NOR 4. INA-GRM. Paris (96).

In 1998 he founded the sonorous museum ‘Murciélago’, dedicated to research, collection, conservation, creation and design of sonorous objects and landscapes.