Luis Eligio Pérez

Havana, Cuba, 1972.

Poet, writer, performance actor, graffiti artist and amateur musician.

His poems appear in several anthologies and alternative Cuban magazines.

He has two unpublished books: Canción para centro Habana, and Estados de Guerra.

He has participated in the creation, artistic direction, edition and creation of the CD-Book of the poetic-sonorous experimental Alamar Express, of OMNIZONAFRANCA, financed by the Spanish Embassy.

He has participated in the National Hiphop Festival of Cuba (1999-2004).

He has presence and opinion in more than five documentary movies on the alternative Cuban culture, and a principal performance in the full-length film of fiction “La escritura y el desastre”, of Raydel Araoz.

He is co-creator of the poetic festival Poesía Sin Fin (1999-2006 City of Alamar).

He was awarded a prize in the experimental poetry competition in honour of Salvador Dalí, organised by the Spanish Embassy in Cuba. 2004

He has received the prize of literary investigation in the 2006 Summons of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba