Emancipator bubble

SAIOA OLMO (Bilbao, 1976)

Txelu Balboa (Vitoria, 1974) 

Ricardo Antón (Bilbao, 1974)

SAIOA OLMO (Bilbao 1976) has a Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco and a Master in Design from DZ. She sees her work as a way of producing experiences and situations in which the spectator plays a very active part. She works in a completely interdisciplinary manner, often in a group. Her recent projects are: the communication and new corporate image of ARTELEKU (with AMASTÉ); Chi-gua-gua, concerning fashion and nightlife; and QUÉJATE_KEXATU, in which a place for complaints etc is provided. At the moment, besides EMANCIPATOR, she is working on projects like PAÍS VASCO TRADE MARK (brand image design); FOYU (a postmusic group), with Leticia Orue; and takes part in LABITACIONES, a laboratory on housing (ARTELEKU).

AMASTÉ (www.amaste.com ), directed by Txelu Balboa (Vitoria 1974) and Ricardo Antón (Bilbao, 1974), is dedicated to the production and diffusion of projects related to current society and contemporary culture, culture as a collective space of communication rather than a means of self-expression. They publish ESETÉ magazine, collaborate on various interdisciplinary projects, and are regularly present at events like ARCO, SONAR, LAUS, etc. At the moment , as well as EMANCIPATOR, they are preparing issues of ESETÉ on sex, underground railways, and prohibitions; round tables on new publications for ARCO; and their presence at the Lerida Biennale.

And, besides Alex and Hugo, who are the consultants and Pedro Pérez, the industrial designer who has developed the prototype, there are a number of institutions, etc supporting the project, like ARTELEKU, Montehermoso, the Youth Department of the Basque Government, Madrid Abierto, and Bilbotex , not forgetting lots of other people without whom it would not have been possible.