I just want to give you money / Making of

Iván Argote

Title: I just want to give you money
Year: 2007
Length: 1' 50''

Video sample of an intervention that took place in the subway of Paris, in which he offers coins to people. He starts off by delivering a speech, telling them that he is going to give them money, then, he pass through every seat of the wagon offering 20 cents to each person. Most of the people are very suspicious, some of them smile and finally no one accepts the coins he offers.

Title: Making of
Year: 2007
Length: 1'


Sample of a video made in the Paris subway, in which he tries to direct people as if they were actors in a movie he is making. The video lasts as long as a journey between two stations. It begins once the door of the subway car closes, moment in which he say "Action!", then, slowly he start saying out loud things like: "Continue like that", "you are doing it very well". The video ends when the door opens and he say "Cut!".