Skateboarding desde el corazón

Mikel Arbiza of Perros Callejeros Films

2006 > 2008

Second video for the company Parafernalia Skateboards (www.parafernalia.info) where we can see the company's team (Diego Doural, Blayney Hamilton and Mischa Canibal) skating with a lot of friends (Mathieu Dupuy, Dani Pérez, Samuel Dorregaray, Cristian Cortizo, Ibai Larralde, Pablo Rivera, Mateo Rotaetxe, Juanma Fernández, Iñaki Guantxe, Alain Saavedra, and others) 

The three promotional pieces (‘teasers') presented in Madrid Abierto were specifically prepared for the competition Intervenciones TV. The long video will be finished in the course of 2008.