2005/1:11 MIN./Video Digital/Quito, Ecuador

Game of symbologies and elements of the Ecuadorian discourse on national construction. The video attempts to alter elements that we have internalised in our imagery of the country. The text of the Ecuadorian Anthem has been translated into English and the movement of a circumference marks the tempo to which the lyrics should be sang in karaoke style.

This video is a piece of work on the national iconography that touches on the subject of an identity built from a conventional discourse. Its elements: the music of Ecuador’s Anthem and its text translated into English merely parody the seriousness given to these nationalist discourses in Latin American countries.

Potentially, various meanings can be inferred from the video being that it is shown in a place distant from the iconography that it makes reference to. Leaning towards a somewhat more universal analysis of the national discourses based on this type of iconography.